Piccadilly Market: The best gadget I have bought in a LONG time

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The best gadget I have bought in a LONG time

On my recent trip to the United States I did very little shopping (boo hoo) due to time restraints and a family who did not care to shop at the same level that I do. I did however manage to get one totally amazing, awesome item that has alleviated much stress in my life and made me a very happy girl.

Drum roll........

Its the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro. I hear you asking "what on earth is that?". Well its this relatively small device that charges my iPhone, iPad, kindle and any other compatible device AND it is as strong as charging from  a power outlet.

For those who know me, you will also know that my iPhone and I have a very close relationship and I love it dearly BUT it does not reciprocate with battery life which can be very frustrating for a girl on the go.

I was going to go for a case that clipped on to my phone and at a flick of a switch I can get another 60% life but when I went into the Apple store and saw all these other options and ended up going for this little baby. It also means I still get to sport my designer pretty phone covers.

All day at Disneyland and losing battery at 6pm with 6 hours to go, no worries just plug it in, in my handbag and disaster averted. I also attended a conference in San Diego and while everyone was freaking out over flat phones and iPads and diving for power outlets I was sweet with my little Mophie. In fact I could have rented it out for 15 minute power shots. One person said quite confidently to me that they would never really use something like that and 5 hours later on a boat cruise on the bay she sheepishly came up and asked (begged) for a shot to keep her going.

All you iPhone users know exactly what I am talking about right?

This baby is so strong it can power my iPhone up to 4 times on one charge. Great for a weekend away. Bushwalking, camping (glamping in my case) etc

This is by no way sponsored by Mophie, they have no idea who I am, I just love this product and think it well worth the $100 I spent.

You will not regret it.

P.S I have now found an Australian supplier, Powered Life. They however only have this model in black but I am sure colour wont fuss most people.

This site also has great covers for grown ups and kids too. It really is a great place to get you powered up.


Mel Rom said...

Hi Janina,
Am so envious that you have one. Absolutely love this gadget too, so much so that I've been in just about every shop since leaving San Diego and not one shop in Toronto had any left. I was most disappointed. Hopefully one of my friends will be kind enough to source and send me one! Well, here's to wishing upon a star......

Unknown said...

Good info love

Piccadilly Market said...

Thanks Cath, seriously so good

Piccadilly Market said...

Oh no!!!!! I don't know why it is so hard to get here. It's sad that I love a gadget this much but I do

Kate Benne said...

great idea! Although I do have 1 question if I may...because im lazy and cant be bothered googling it - please tell me how the device keeps its charge? Does it run on batteries?
Thanks lovey :)

Piccadilly Market said...

You are funny!!!! The battery is internal like on a phone. So you just charge the box at the wall and it will then charge your device.

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Unknown said...

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