Piccadilly Market: Piccadilly Market $25 - 50 Christmas Gift Ideas

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Piccadilly Market $25 - 50 Christmas Gift Ideas

Post number 3 is Piccadilly Market's $25-50 Christmas gift ideas.

1. Stoneware Mug by ElaLen. $30
Lovely stoneware mug in cream and blue dots, from the famous 'pottery town' of Boleslawiec in Poland. A perfect gift for anyone who works in an office -- add a touch of luxury to their tea break and help beautify their everyday work environment.

2.  Tea lovers Pack by Organics for lily. $38
6 jars of your favourite Organics for lily blends with a stainless steel tea infuser.

3. Christmas Puddings by Mandi’s Kitchen. $27 - $45
There's no
better time than now to spoil your friends & family with a decadent dessert from Mandi's Kitchen Puddings.  Come & taste all thedelicious flavours.

4. Kids Wall Prints by Fizzy Pop Designs. From $29.95
For a bright and creative gift idea check our Fizzy Pop Designs range of kids wall prints.  With lots of fun designs to choose there is sure to be a design your little one will love.  

5.Nautical Zip Playsuit by Li’l Zippers
Stylish playsuit with a detachable hoody can be easily removed while baby sleeps. Soft & stretchy cotton keeps them comfy all day.
Features  Li’l Zippers signature chin-to-bum zip design for quick nappy changes.

6. Mountain Print by Yin and Yarn $30

7. Necklace by Simply By KT. $30
This is a classic pink necklace comprised of handmade polymer clay beads strung on braided leather. Its length is 70cm with a silver clasp to compliment the fine silver beads that finish the look.. 

8. Hand Dyed Socks by Goomo. $29
These magnificent Terry Lined socks are Australian made from selected superfine Australian Merino Wool.  We individually hand dye each pair using plants and metals from the Geelong area.

9. The Menagerie Flight cardboard jigsaw puzzle by Jenny Laidlaw. $30
This 100 piece puzzle will entertain, challenge and intrinsically offer the opportunity for learning. It is made from quality materials and comes with a full size poster of the my fun, vibrant and whimsical illustration.
This puzzle will engage and delight your child. Suitable for ages 3 and up. There are 6 puzzle varieties in my cardboard range (100 and 200 pieces) and 4 in the wooden range (48 and 96 pieces)

You can download and print our cute Christmas wish list here


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