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Sunday, August 08, 2010

I spend alot of time talking to incredibly talented artists and seeing it all come together under one roof. Many people ask me what I do and I do a bit of everything. Was always a very creative child and have been sewing since I can remember and have had a camera in my hand since a very young age. I just dont sell anything..yet. I have always loved patchwork quilts and have wanted to make one for ever but life and then babies got in the way but 2 months ago I finally started and have completed 3 small quilts for my kids to snuggle on the couch with and take for sleepovers.

So here they are. I have been wanting to share them for weeks but have been consumed with market postings.

They love them and my son told me that when he was sad and missing me at his grandparents he wrapped it around himself and pretended it was a hug from me and he said he could hear my voice.....he is just too precious for words.

I was feeling down when I launched into Bella's quilt hence the bright colours, I wanted something to warm my spirits and it worked. I love it and so does Bella.

My beautiful children being the perfect models

Stay tuned for a quilt I have just starting working on for my cousin.

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