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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A horrendous journey through the rain and traffic from Geelong took me to Life In Style at Flemington yesterday where Pamela (photographer extraordinaire) and I did a quick lap of all the beautiful things on show. My heart was skipping a beat and I was going weak at the knees every few minutes. WOW!!! is all I can say. So much amazing talent out there. Good thing I cant spend money there or I would have been in BIG trouble.

So the stand outs for both Pamela and I were.

This is the one place where I was able to purchase something and I could not walk away from this gorgeous divine card distributed by La-La-Land. It is my twin girls Lola and Bella's 5th Birthday today and this card really reminds me of them. The artist is Art and Ghosts

I also could not walk past these two. More twins and just adore Ruby in Red.

Next was ferm living
A treasure trove of lovely things. I really like their wall stickers, especially these two.

and how cute is this cushion?

I could fill a blog post or two on them so best to just go check out their site.

I was very taken by Samantha Robinsons porcelain. So much beauty in her work. I loved the colours and shapes and her unique style. The watermelon bowl is a stand out and just screams "Summer"

So thats a just a teensy tint taste of what we saw

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