Shame on you Katie Hopkins

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I really need to vent.

Have you seen the comments made by Katie Hopkins about children's names? If you have not, make yourself a cuppa and watch this and then let me know what you think.

How do you feel?

No matter how I look at it, I am saddened and disappointed by her words. My first thought is she is totally taking the piss and if she is shame on her, it is not remotely funny. My 2nd thought is she is trying to get her face on TV again so again shame on her for using this as her vehicle. My 3rd is that she honestly believes what she is spewing and that gets the biggest SHAME ON YOU.

Fancy judging a child or any person for that matter by their name. Katie will not let her children have play dates with people named Dylan, Phoenix, Chelsea and the list goes on. She says knowing a child has a name like Dylan is a short cut to knowing that the mother is most likely overweight, wears stretch leggings and does not read a newspaper. WTF!!!!!  Really!!!!

The same day that I first heard this story, I also saw that the 3 girls who were locked in a basement for 10 year in  Cleveland had made they first TV appearance. Someone had commented on a FB post and I so wish I had it word for word. They were basically saying what amazingly strong women they are and that they will make it and their experience will make them appreciate life, the meaning of life and why we are here on Earth.

Sadly this Katie is so full of herself and her crazy ideas that she has no understanding about life or people.

Aghhhh!!!!! She has so pressed my buttons and she goes on to say that people who have had their buttons pushed feel that way because they agree with her. Disagree Strongly.

You know the truth is, maybe if one of my kids came home and said they had a new friend called Chardonnay, I may stop and be  little surprised by the name choice but there is no way the story would end there. I would never, ever judge someone on something so shallow. I would meet Chardonnay and her family and see is we shared the same value system.

I wish she could use her passion and conviction towards something real and something that matters.

She disapproves of State names like Georgia, Savannah and Indiana but her daughter is India, somehow that is different. No Seasons like Summer are allowed. Where does it stop? Her daughter is Poppy, so flowers are allowed.

I absolutely know this woman and I would never get along. What a sad life filled with sad, pompous people she must live. She is a self confessed snob to the highest degree.

I hate that the media is giving her air time and kind of mad I am giving her blog space but I have to let it out.

How do you feel?

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