In the Spotlight : Superficial Sadie

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The fabulous Superficial Sadie was In the Spotlight last year which you can read here. Darcie has added some new beautiful pieces to her range she wanted to share with you.

She is introducing a new gemstone range which incorporates beautiful faceted natural gems, with her own hand-rolled beads. They are a little more delicate, but still bright and unique with the Sadie look. Also - the tassel styles look great,   lots of big bold tassels in the current styles. She also started including a single 'S' stamped bead in each necklace as a Superficial Sadie hand-made signature.

I am sure you will agree the range looks great.

Darcie has very kindly donated this necklace for the 4th of August Hamper Giveaway

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