I love my new Aroma Bloom

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I love a gadget, I really do.

I am a sucker for all things new and shiny and this one caught my eye a few weeks back.
I have always been into my aromatherapy oils, when they were THE in thing I was there and like all things I get addicted to, I read up, invested in every oil known to woman, made my own blends etc.

Something however has happened in the last 2 decades...I had kids, I am frazzled and I am time poor. I am way too busy to contemplate re filling my oil burner with water every few hours and lighting a new candle. Lame I know but I am sure there are people feeling the same way.

Soooooo...I saw this plug in oil diffuser called an Aroma Bloom that is also a pretty lime (looks yellow to me) light. I brought this baby home along with 2 lovely oil blends JOY and RELAX. All members of my household love it. Lights off, in front of movie, relaxing by the lovely yellow glow of my new toy.

It switches itself off if the water level gets too low...huge bonus.  It operates up to 10 hours in continuous mist mode and up to 18 hours intermitted mist mode. I am keen to try this in winter if any of us get sick, with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bedroom whilst sleeping.

If you love aromatherapy oils you will be all over this.

This post is not all sponsored or paid for. My very own discovery.

You can check it out at Lively Living

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