My personal thoughts on Schapelle Corby

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I have written this as I do have an outlet here to be able to express how I feel. It is more for me than for anyone else. I am hoping that people will respect my opinion and not enter into any arguments with me or other readers, use bad language  etc. I have refrained from doing so with people who have a differing opinion to me. So here goes.

I am REALLY sad and disappointed by the way the public is reacting and talking about Schapelle Corby. The comments I have read on social media and heard in public are concerning to me. I understand that people can be against her and not like her and her family but I feel that it has been taken a bit far by some. 

“Who cares this isn't news. Wouldn't have cared if she rotted there for the rest of her life.”

To whoever wrote this. Yes it is news whether you like it or not. The media made it  news not Schapelle herself. She does not seem to enjoy 100's of cameras flung in her face and I am sure she wishes they would go away and let her deal with this the same way many other anonymous Australians in jail around the world do.

What would make someone say they wanted someone like her to rot for the rest of her life? A young girl who may or may not be guilty. Yes I am aware she was convicted. Convicted in a country where the politics and corruption are insane. Convicted with no real evidence to 100% prove she placed the drugs in there. No fingerprints, no CCTV footage, no weighing of bags, no drug tests administered. Is that really fair? It is Lindy Chamberlain all over again and you know how that ended. I was a Lindy supporter also as there was not enough evidence for me to be against someone so vehemently. 

“a shame you didn't think the families of the burnt down houses in Victoria were more important news than a family of criminals”

“What about the fires and the real people who matter??”

What an incredibly stupid and naïve comment to make that I saw hundreds of people say. Is this a serious question?  Have we lost the ability to care about more than one thing at a time? News flash…I care about the fires AND I care about Schapelle AND I care about who wins an Olympic Gold AND I care about the loss of Toyota jobs AND I care that rapists and killers are being freed after a few years or less in jail. I can multi task so please don’t suggest I can only care about one thing and that’s it.  I am quite capable of shedding tears of sadness and joy all at the same time.

So what if her family are a bunch of criminals, does that automatically make her one too? If my sibling murders someone am I a murderer also?  If they are a dope head does that make me a dope head too? Does not seem that fair really.  This family of alleged criminals and “bogans” as I have heard over and over have been a very supportive and caring family from what I have seen, they have given her all the support they could, have given up so much to pay legal fees etc and to just be there for her. If the media were closing in on any of my family members like that for any reason at all I would be flinging my handbag around and yelling too. Many non "bogan" families have abandoned family members for less than this especially in the show business world? 

Speaking about show business. I am finding it hard to understand and am very confused about how we can celebrate the life of celebrities,  lots of them,  who are self confessed drug addicts. Found dead with needles in their arms in a house full of illegal drugs.  In some cases people who have young children sharing that home with them. That we can feel sorry about and celebrate and hold candlelight vigils for, but not a young girl who may or may not have done the crime. and who may or may not even be a drug user? I just don’t get it. I have been fans of these big name celebrities but they have to be responsible for their stupidity also and not popped up on golden pedestals with a little bit of pity on the side.

If it were her drugs, does she really deserve to rot in hell? Does she deserve 9 years lost from the prime of her life? Did she take someone else’s life? Is she evil? I think the people shaming her  seem to have more evil in them than she does. 

What if she made a mistake? A really big mistake. The biggest mistake of her life. I imagine she has suffered enough, has done way more than the crime deserves and her new semi freedom should be celebrated and we should care, even just a little bit.  Like Lindy Chamberlain,  how will she ever be able to live in Australia again? How can she walk down a street like an ordinary person again and experience true freedom? She will never be the same again, she will never live a normal life, she will have huge psychological issues till the day she dies. Is that not enough for the Schapelle haters?

As for the media deal. 2 million is a lot of money but if you break it down, it is not THAT big. She has earn't nothing for 10 years, I would say she is so screwed up that she will never be employable and if she was I am sure it would need to be quite menial. I would imagine she would feel compelled to give some money to family members who have put up a lot of money for her. Her ongoing medical and mental health issues will require a lot of money thrown at them. I am hoping that she will donate some money to some kind of a cause. 

I have heard a number of people say that this sends a message to criminals that ALL they have to do is spend 10 years in jail and they are set up for life. Really!!!!  I would bet whatever I had that if she was given the option of getting the last 10 years back or 2 million big ones she would choose the former. I think the people making this statement underestimate what sleeping on a hard floor with a room of full of other women in the heat and stench of a squat toilet and no running water is like. Prisoners in this country may think 10 years on the inside would be worth it but that would only be a certain type of person, not anyone I know.  I would never give up a day of my freedom for money.

The bottom line is that there are just too many what if’s for me to be so against her. 

If it all comes out that she put the drugs in her bag or knew they were there I would be sad and disappointed that a 26 year old women felt she needed to do that. I would however know she did the time and I would pray that she enter back into life the best way she can, having hopefully learnt from her ridiculously massive mistake and be able to live somewhere in peace with a little compassion and support.

Once again, I welcome peoples opinions but make them nice and to the point and please respect that wrong or right these are my feelings on this case.

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