Perogy Cafe in Geelong West

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You should have heard me squeal with delight when I read that the Perogy cafe had opened in Geelong.

I am an Australian born gal to Polish parents and I love love love my polish cuisine. It is hearty, comforting soul food that just makes everything OK. I am pretty sure a few Eastern block countries argue over where Pierogi (polish spelling) originates from. Of course I say

The Lovely Susan who is Canadian born but from Ukrainian background has opened a teensy tiny cute little Cafe at 5/2a Gordon Avenue. It is tucked in next to a car park just near the Latrobe end of Gordon.

I am a tough customer when it comes to this food so I am happy to report that it was delicious and authentic. I had the Pierogi combo and sampled all 3 flavours, Sauerkraut, Meat and my all time fave Potato and Cheese. They came with some Kielbasa (Polish sausage) and the must have sour cream. 
I also shared a Cevapi Roll with spicy sauce that was delicious. You can eat in or take away.

Well worth a little pop in but not with any more than 2 people. Space is limited.

Susan is lovely and chatty too. Enjoy!!!

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