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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crafty Spaces

Oh how I would love a craft room of my own.

I started making crafty stuff, all kinds of stuff from a young child. From memory I think I was first allowed to use Mums sewing machine when I was 7 or 8. I have a very vivid memory of sewing over my thumb and having to pull the black thread out of the holes on my nail (ouch). In high school my fellow non crafty wealthy school friends paid me to do their projects. I continued through my later teenage years but then it all took a back seat with everything that life offered me. Now I am like a woman possessed and I want to sew everything and I want to sew it NOW. But I also need to paint, draw, scrapbook and play with my photography. I have stations set up all over my house, so I am lusting after a craft space.

Here are a few I have found. This is great and the perfect amount of quirkiness.

Love the wallpaper covered doors. You can read the full post on Danielle Thompson's site. Whilst stumbling on to her blog I realised that I buy alot of her digital scrapping products but never knew she had such an awesome blog.

I think i could just lock myself in this room for days and never come out.

Photo found on sew crafty houston
and check this great organiser and if you visit here there are full instructions on how to make it.

Could I keep my space this tidy? I dont think so...

found on steph modo

Here is a flickr group where you can check out all sorts of craft spaces..

I could go on for days so will leave it here. Doing this post has made me realise that I am reasonably normal with the amount of items I own in order to create. Always thought i may have ben a bit over the top.

If you have a great craft space you want to share, yours or someone elses feel free to leave a link in the comments.


Simply Phoebe said...

I would love to share. I am lucky to have lots of space, but it's not nearly as good looking and always far too messy to photograph for the outside world!

Geelong Baby Market said...

I fear mine would be the same.

Joanne said...

I lost my craft room when my boys wanted separate bedrooms. I do have a nice spot in front of a window now near the dining area. In some ways I like it better- I can see what's going on in the street and I'm right in the hub of the home.
Its not glamorous but it works for me:
(Sorry about the back-lighting.)


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