Piccadilly Market: California Bungalow

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

California Bungalow

It's time for another house. This is just the sweetest bungalow located in California. The use of all that bold color is awesome and really brave. I am not sure I could pull it off so well. I love this look for a holiday house. This is the home of designer Krista Ewart and her home was in House Beautiful.
How gorgeous is that Liberty Bicycle out the front?

the pink fridge makes me smile

You can see more pictures from Krista's home here

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Ebony Lennox said...

I also prefer the simple houses just like the one in the image. Because simplicity is a way more attractive and you can live a comfortable life by living it simply. I guess to do my assignment australia they refer many hotels and houses with the simple but attractive designing.


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