Piccadilly Market: Pre Christmas Wrap Up

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Christmas Wrap Up

Wow!!! What a day we had yesterday.

When you make a decision to do anything major in your life like get married, have children, live overseas etc you know it is going to be big and that life is going to change and often you are taking a leap of faith. My leap of faith, my vision and my hard work has paid off and I am just so happy and so proud of Piccadilly Market. I am particularly proud of all my amazingly talented and lovely stall holders whose passion,professionalism, support and incredible products blow me away. I walk around on Market day and feel privileged to run such an event. Friends, family and complete strangers come up to me all day singing the praises of all the talent gathered under one roof. I bought some lovely items that I will blog about later in the week.

Could not do it without my BFF's and Shane...thank you guys. You are one rockin team. Pamela took loads of photos and I have tried to pick the best and its still loads and loads, if you want to take a peek, check out this slideshow

The White Christmas tree was laden with beautiful prizes very generously donated from stall holders, we had hourly giveaways and then the major 3 winners were drawn out at 3.15pm. One was still there and the other two came straight down and they took turns selecting gifts from the tree. We were all so jealous. Proceeds from raffle go to Geelong Adopt a Family so thank you to all who participated.

Here are a handful of yesterdays exhibitors

Would love to hear your thoughts on the day and what goodies you may have bought as presents or for yourself.


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Congratulations on a fab market. My little Poppet and I got stuck into our Christmas shopping and have now come away with some delightful gifts from your very clever stall holders.

We 'released' two little homes and have some lovely pics on our blog. Pop over when you finally get the chance to sit yourself down with a cup of tea!

Is it to early to ask.....When is the next Piccadilly market??? =)


BOB & MABEL said...

The market looks amazing Janina. Unfortunately I couldn't get there but hopefully next time as either a stallholder or shopper!
Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

We have heard so many fab things about your market. Hopefully we can 'pop up' there next year! Well done x

catherine said...

well done sista!! Looks like it was another incredible day xxx

moppysgirl said...

Ooooh - had so much fun! Ended up with a Little Wrap Bag, frank & dolly's pinnie, buttons from A Piece of Cloth, Ooakly brooches, a gorgeous and totally covetable covered notebook and matching phone pouch from The Rabbit and the Duck, a Mooch'n around tshirt, a poster from Almond Tree Frames... as well as having the BEST burger ever.

I have an inkling some Skulk of Foxes earrings may be coming my way later this month too.

Congratulations again - looking forward to the next one!


Oishi-m said...

Thanks for a great day G'town. Twas lovely to have a lovely market so close to home.

Stacey & Lisa - koolaman designs said...

Thanks Janina for the professionally coordinated stylish event Piccadilly Market, from the very first event it has been a pleasure dealing with you and all of the wonderful stall holders.
The Geelong crowd has been ever so receptive to koolaman designs and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2011. Cheerio Stacey & Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janina,
It was my first ever stall and I was so impressed by how friendly everyone was! I learnt so much and had a great time. It was a privilege to be a stall holder alongside so many talented and creative people - a real buzz. Love my dragonfly pendant! Look forward to doing it again!! Gracie

Piccadilly Market said...

Thank you all for your nice comments and glad some great purchases were made...moppsygirl sounds like she had some great shopping therapy

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