Piccadilly Market: In Memory of My Dad

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Memory of My Dad

Today, 23 December is one year since my Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. I honestly cant believe a year has passed and as they say time eases the pain. Dad and I had a strained relationship but his passing was so sudden and such a shock to me. We were just starting to mend our relationship and he was getting to know his beautiful grandchildren. Sometimes I honestly think I have seen him in the street and go to wave and then remember.

My brother, Mum and I with our families are having a special dinner tonight in his memory.

I am very much looking forward to a happier Christmas celebration this year. I really don't remember much from last year except feeling numb.

So here is to you Dad. I love You.

when Jonah was born


Rey Abisan said...

They make sure they’re there, and they make sure they're good men. They make sure they get equal amounts of time with their kids. These real dads are never satisfied with anything less. They never settle. They never cave-in.

Proud to be a Single Dad

Little Nan said...

I lost my mum to her battle with terrible cancer a couple of years ago. I too think I have seen her, or I'll give her a ring in a moment or if I print out photos, I always have a set left over that I printed out for mum. And think, I'll pop over later and drop them off to her! It's hard isn't it....our relationship was a bit funny too, and in her last year we became quite close and I feel guilty for that. My thoughts are with you. xxx


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