Piccadilly Market: A Super Fabulous Eclectic Giveaway

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Super Fabulous Eclectic Giveaway

My babies started school on Friday, Miss L and B had their first day ever and this Mama was quite emotional. We are all ready for it but it felt very strange and odd, it's the end of an era, the close of some pretty major chapters in our book of life. Master J is a junior, starting Grade 1, when I picked him up he said " I love School, that was the best day ever" Bless him.

So to celebrate school going back I am hosting a great giveaway along with Eclectica.
For anyone who knows me I am currently having a love affair with this most fabulous shop on Pakington Street in Geelong West. I am a walking advertisement wearing my most gorgeous dresses, shirts and jewelery. The lovely Amanda has the most amazing eye for beautiful things so her shop is filled to the brim with an entire wish list of purchases.

Amanda and I are offering you a chance to win a $50 Eclectica Voucher and with the reasonable prices that will get you a whole lot of pretty.

So all you have to do is leave a comment here saying absolutely anything your heart desires but you need to use the word eclectic in your sentence. To increase your chances of winning you can also like us on Facebook. Go here for Piccadilly and here for Eclectica and tell me below you have done so.

You have until Thursday 8pm to do so.

For those non blog savvy people, if you don't have a Google Account just select anonymous and make sure you put your name and email address.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Eclectica can be found at 148 Pakington Street, Geelong West.
Let Amanda know you read about her here.


a pocketfullofposesphotography said...

ooooh, can I be first to leave a comment??
From Haggis to Haloumi, I sure have an eclectic interest + taste in food!

5 star, baby! said...

gorgeous gorgeous shop!!
I am also a follower on both facebook pages!!
my life is a whole lot of eclectic!!
have what you love, love what you have!!

Anna said...

Wikipedia; Eclectic, Alabama, a village of about 1,000 people in central Alabama
Well there you go; I learn at least one new thing a day, and that was it for today...
I'd LOVE to go a bit crazy at Eclectica, so crossing my fingers!
x Anna / anna.lord photography

Anonymous said...

outwardly, people may look at me and easily put me in a certain 'box' - inside however, is an eclectic mix of many interests, desires, loves...come back and look at me again sometime, fairly sure it will be a different box I am placed in then! ClareF :) (FB me)

Milkwood Design said...

I love their eclectic lights, 'cos I put the same ones in my kitchen. Great minds think alike and all that.... : )

Catherine said...

What a boring life this would be without wonderful eclectic people and things that are able to make a face light up, inspire our imagination and spark great conversation. How lucky we are.

Alicia said...

I love Eclectica too! Fantastic range of goodies.

alikat3218 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

Mixing and matching or turning things inside out and upside down. An electric combination of treasures allows our imaginations to run wild. Facebook friend too.
Jane Meier piper at aanet dot com dot au

Anonymous said...

Jane said: Mixing and matching or turning things inside out and upside down. An eclectic combination of treasures allows our imaginations to run wild. Facebook friend too.
Jane Meier piper at aanet dot com dot au

Anonymous said...

Piccadilly and Eclectica - My Facebook friends!!!!

My whole life has been eclectic - from decor to men!! ha ha ... need I say any more? :)

Kate Collinson collando@ncable.net.au

Anonymous said...

Fiona said:
After ten long years of studying away the best years of my life and FINALLY finishing, all I desire is to start a life with my man filled with love, health, happiness, babies, and good friends(including my facebook friends Piccadilly and Eclectica!), and a home filled with my eclectic mix of beautiful bits and pieces.


Janina Lear said...

LOVING all these fabulous comments. Sounds like we all have such lovely eclectic lives...Janina

Anonymous said...

For Piccadilly and Eclectica - my new Facebook friends!

When I go a'cruising, my iPod's amusing
With its music eclectic, acoustic and electric
We have Wiggles and Whitlams, Meatloaf and Jay-Zee
Faves from the toddler, the husband and lastly, from me.


Anonymous said...

When I worked in Brunswick St in Melbourne there was a 70 year old cross-dressing gentleman who had a very eclectic clothing style. He merged what can only be described as '60's-Wimbledon-girls-tennis-outfit-sass' with 'Gypsy-soothsayer-chic' (with a touch of unwashed and disheveled). That, my friend, is eclectic.

Marc, marc@festivalcreative.com

Lee :) said...

New house, new man, new start, new future. Needing a new collection: my eclectic retro kitchen cannisters went to my ex. What better place to start a new collection than Amanda's store??

Janina Lear said...

Mr Anonymous Marc, I practically spat my drink across my desk when I read that comment. Hilarious!!!!
Go Lee!!! I like the idea of all those news...I have 3 out of 4...

moppysgirl said...

I watched Grey Gardens last night - the movie based on the documentary of Edie and Little Edie... when they were rich they were definitely eclectic! Once poverty-stricken a more appropriate description would be eccentric. I don't know what they would have made of Eclectica as they never appeared to leave their house - but I would very much appreciate an Eclectica voucher!

Thanks for the link - I hadn't been able to find Eclectica on Facebook... groups are hard to find! (Was already a Piccadilly friend :-) )


Prue said...

Eclectica is what happened when a lifetime of eclectic rolled itself in through a shop door.
Chase your dreams but be true to yourself :)

Renee Otmar said...

I want to fill my life - and that of my dear ones - with all things beautiful. Now I want to buy the shop! Love, love, love your work - thanks for all thing beautiful. x

Anonymous said...

Everything eclectic
in my life so hectic
but oh what fun in brings
full of such varied things!

From Soph

The SpottedJinx said...

Helen Trand says;
I eclectically love anything eclectic, so eclectic are my tastes. So I eclectically would love to elect to win this eclectic prize!!

Wombat's Picnic said...

I like to think I am a little bit eclectic - a voucher to Eclectica would certainly help make it so! Thanks for the chance to spend a little more time (and money) at this lovely addition to Pako:)

Jenny said...

I am a huge fan of both Eclectica & Piccadilly Market and love browsing around their Facbook pages (I'm a fan/member of both). I have to admit thought that my husband is actually the more ECLECTIC member of our household, he adores pocket watches and walking sticks! Thanks for running a great comp! (and fabulous retail options in Geelong)

Tarah said...

Eclectica. Beautiful!

mel @ loved said...

...loving eclectica what a treasure trove of eclectic goodness! I also follow on facebook!

Cathy said...

Just love the saying on the chain about no regrets in life only lessons. As a primary school teacher I have taught an eclectic bunch of children over the years.

Jeanie said...

Eclectica is one of my fav stores in Pako street to visit (and I do often!). Darn I missed out on the comp dates. I already follow them on facebook. Love Love Love their stock. All so gorgeous. It's a pleasure to walk through the store and soak up the atmosphere.

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