Piccadilly Market: Little Wrap Bag Winners

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Wrap Bag Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered this lovely giveaway. My lovely children did two random drawings today. I loved reading all the comments and creative uses of wrap bags. Congratulations to Anna who won the adult version and Bec who won the children's one.
Email me at janinastoolbox@gmail.com and I will tell you how to claim your prize.

Anna said
my scissors, thread, strawberry hubba bubba, a dummie, my favourite red pen and my iPhone! I would be ready for any adventures then - big or small! [of course I like Little Wrap Bag on fb!]

Bec said
Great to use for markets. My daughter loves a skirt with pockets - but not big enough to hold all her treasures. She'd love one of these little bags. Very cute!
I love the red canvas and the tree design.
also liking Little Wrap Bag on facebook.

Enjoy your wrap bags ladies...


Anna said...

woo hoo!!! that's me! I'm SO excited!!!! what do I do, read the instructions might be a good start! Woo hoo!! :) can you tell I'm excited!?

Geelong Baby Market said...

Yeh!!! How good does winning feel?
Just send me and email with what one you want and postal address

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Anonymous said...

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