Piccadilly Market: 7th Birthday Rainbow Party

Saturday, August 11, 2012

7th Birthday Rainbow Party

My Gorgeous Girls celebrated their 7th Birthday today with 12 of their friends. Rainbows were the theme which was loads of fun to organise.

The birthday cake made by Katie's Cake Creations was an incredible centrepiece and tasted just as amazing. Katie also made gorgeous pots of gold cake pops with little rainbows on them.

No party is complete without fairy bread and so perfect for a rainbow theme. Each year we have to change how we do the cake, this year had to be separate singings and the oldest (Bella) had to go first.

These parties do take it out of me but all their squeals of delight when their friends arrive and their excitement level is all worth it. I say every year we will do it every 2nd year but in 6 months time I am sure I will be planning again.

Very proud of my girls and the lovely people they are becoming. 

Until next year.


Kate Benne said...

ah so cute, looks like they had a great time! and the cake and treats look fantastic, well done lovey ;)

Mookah Studio said...

I'd love a slice or 2 of that delicious looking cake!

Anonymous said...

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