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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Win your own High Tea with a Higher Living Tea Prize Pack!

Who Loves Tea???

I do, I really do and especially as I am not a coffee drinker. I am one of those rare beasts that cant stand the smell or the taste of it...ewwww!!!!!!!  Can't even do Mocha or a slice of Tiramusu.

This means that tea making and drinking is a real ritual for me. I love a beautiful service in lovely teacups or mugs, I do lean towards a big kick assed mug though.

image from eightcherriescanaries

I MUST pre heat my mug first and have piping hot tea and if it is a regular non herbal cup of tea then it positively, absolutely MUST be full cream milk. While I am here I do have to have a little moan about cafes and restaurants not having full cream milk available. It astounds me. Recently I went to an award winning Coffee establishment that by the way made awful tea and they had no full cream milk and told me it was healthier for me to have lite milk. WHAT!!!!! are you kidding me? How dare they make that decision for their paying customers. The jury is still out on whether low fat is better for you anyway. Why not tell me I should eat the fat laden piece of cake they sell too?

Then yesterday I asked twice for full cream and I got served lite, I can tell immediately, it tastes awful. How dare they try to trick me or think I wont notice.

I digress....

I also love a beautiful herbal tea to sip on throughout the day and have recently discovered a brand of lovely tea with some great flavours. Higher Living is the brand, their tag line being Better Brighter Bolder which is true of these teas.

All Higher Living Teas are organic, 100% natural and are naturally caffeine free so you can be sure that you are getting the very best from your cup of tea.

These inspiring infusions have a vibrant taste and an inner strength that’s sure to lift your mind, body and spirit. There’s an infusion for every occasion, whether you’re raring to go, unwinding at the end of the day or simply sharing good times with friends. 

Delicious flavours include:
·         Licorice, Ginger Kick, Cinnamon, Evening and Vitality

Higher Living Tea also supports fair trade wherever possible by sourcing herbs from suppliers who either have or are working towards fair trade certification and ensure that their farmers and workers get a better deal.

Total Prize Pack Value: $29.90
Contains two units of each flavour including-
·         Licorice, Ginger Kick, Cinnamon, Evening and Vitality

Try one today and be inspired! 
Available in Woolworths and local independent supermarkets

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favourite flavour of tea and feel free to weigh in on the milk conversation.

Please leave your name so I can announce the winner back here on the blog.

Entries will close next Friday 14th June at 7pm and winner announced shortly after.

Good Luck!!!!!

Winner was chosen randomly, please email me on janina@piccadillymarket.com.au with a mailing address.


Anonymous said...

I love Licorice tea. Soothing and refreshing after a long day!
Definitely no milk in that one! :)

Monique Mennerich said...

I love Licorice tea. Soothing and refreshing after a long day!
Definitely no milk in that one! :)
(that's mine above too, but don't know what happened - oops!)

moppysgirl said...

My favourite depends on the time of day! First thing in the morning I am lucky enough to have someone who makes me a cup of tea, so I'm not terribly fussy about that one! Mid morning I like an earl grey style that can stand a dash of milk (fat milk all the way!!!!). Then something gingery around lunch time. A sweeter flavoured black tea mid afternoon (rose and vanilla at the moment). After dinner I'll have a lemongrass and ginger, or something licorice-y.

As you can probably gather, I have a well-stocked tea cupboard! But I'm prepared to make room for the Higher Living teas - more than happy to try something new :-)

Piccadilly Market said...

Your tea day sounds much like mine...there is a huge selection at my place too

Piccadilly Market said...

I love Licorice too

Helen said...

I'm a coffee drinker. However, I also enjoy a good cup of tea. I recently discovered standard tea, when after having a bit of an emotional meltdown, I was given a cup of tea, and it made me feel better. Normally I'll drink herbal teas, from the list it sounds like ginger would be my "cup of tea" (pun intended).
With regards to the milk issue - seriously, who says lite is healthier??? They've played around with perfectly fine milk to get it "less fat"!

a pocketfullofposesphotography said...

I am a self confessed "Tea Jenny' - Def: (Scotland) a person who drinks a lot of tea; a tea addict; someone fussy about tea!!
Like you, I love a big chunky mug, always filled right up to the brim of steaming hot English Breakfast Tea! As it comes. Black, no sugar. I take after my Dad who used to leave his bag in as he drank it - although towards the end when it's stuck to the side of my cup, it plops into the tea and splashes all over my face when I'm going in for the last mouthful! Annoying!!
I really dig the Higher Living Vitality Tea in the afternoon and oh boy, the Licorice tea is bliss at bed time. I am always on the search for a huge tea caddy to hold all my different little packs of tea bags. I confess - I'm an Addict!!!

Anonymous said...
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kate said...

My current favourite flavour is GreenBerry, but that may change next week. I'm odd that I never put milk in tea - ever!! I started drinking tea while travelling a lot and could never trust the milk - UHT, buffalo... you name it!! By the way, definitely with you re; coffee - can't stand the smell and have never tasted it in my life!

Piccadilly Market said...

Glad you are with me on the milk

Piccadilly Market said...

You make me laugh apocketfullofposies....splashing tea all over your mouth

Piccadilly Market said...

ahhhhh another coffee hater....I did drink my tea black when I was travelling for the same reasons but it easily crept back in again

Renée said...

One of the best things about tea is the immense variety. Almost every culture has a version that seems to work just right for them and their cuisine. As a traveller it's something that delights me every time. Watching my host pouring a fresh pot of tea is like being drawn into a warm and inviting hug.

I grew up with tea. We had different teas for different things. When you were unwell you would get rooibos tea ('to help with your appetite', or so my mother said), and while recuperating, we would put half rooibos and half normal black tea leaves into the pot for our evening tea (after dinner, most often with dessert).

Reading your rant about the milk, I could feel my blood boiling - drives me INSANE. And another thing is always having to say, I like LOTS of milk, could I please have MORE, happy to pay more, yadayada. grrr

So, anyway, I've only tried the Licorice in the brand you're giving away. It's delicious and sweet, and doesn't need anything added.

Okay, I'm going to have to stop writing now, but put it on record that I love tea and, like moppysgirl above, which one I have depends on the mood. And the mug/cup depends on the tea! I couldn't have a subtle Chinese tea in anything other than a delicate Chinese cup. My favourite at the moment is a wonderful organic early grey, and my favourites of all time are (1) orange pekoe and (2) vanilla-flavoured rooibos.


Piccadilly Market said...

I love it Renee...non tea people just don't get tea drinkers. Why do coffee lovers get all the fanfare?

I cant begin to tell you how many teas I have, one of my daughters is following in my footsteps and has different ones for different moods. She and I love to make a stove top Chai, its quite a process but so fulfilling and the aroma....yum!!!!

The milk thing really needs to be addressed. I actually think I will leave the establishment from now on if they don't have the milk In like and if they trick me with lite, I wont pay.

Unknown said...

My fav flavor is cinnamon, :). i love the warming effect n the little bit of Happy in every cup! cheers Belinda.


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