Piccadilly Market: The Dyson VS A hate of vacuuming

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dyson VS A hate of vacuuming

Who out there loves housework? Not me
Who out there loves vacuum cleaning? Not me
Who even has time for vacuum cleaning? Not me

I feel like my life has been confused with someone else. I come from a long line of aristocrats and I am pretty sure they never had to clean their own homes. Each time I am cleaning a  toilet I let out an audible sigh at the unfairness of it all.

I know people who love to houseclean, they really do, they say they love the instant gratification. You know what?  I would just as easily if not more get that instant gratification from someone else doing it for me.

I do however digress. I was offered the chance to trial 2 Dyson products to see what I thought. I leapt at the chance. I have been hearing all this amazing stuff about how the Dyson is the ants pants of floor cleaners so up went my hand.

Do you know what I really hate about vacuuming? Opening the cupboard door, pulling out the cleaner, pulling out the cord, plugging the cord in and THEN finally starting the chore. Wayyyyy to many steps especially if its a quick clean up.

So, I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this little beast. It is the the latest Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 vacuum. It is lightweight, cordless, and packs the same power as a mains vacuum cleaner. RRP $649 for the Animal model and $599 for the Multi floor.  if you want to know more you can  find the new Dyson Digital Slim at Dyson.

It runs cordlessly for 20 minutes which is enough time for me to run around the house and do an all over clean. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that if I notice some dirt or there has been a spill, I can grab it and go. Even better that the kids can grab it and go. It feels so crazy lazy to say plugging in a cord is a pain but it truly is. I will put it off and off and the floor gets dirtier and I got more stressed.

It is super strong, the same sucking power if not more than my regular non Dyson vacuum. I can also take it out to the car and give that a quick run over as well.

The door bell rings with unexpected guests and I can do a quick clean on the way to the door...I really can.

It is a life changer.

I also got to trial the The Dyson Cinetic™. It is the only machine with no bags, no loss of suction, and no filter fuss. RRP: DC54 Animal Pro (RRP$1099), DC54 Animal (RRP$999), DC54 Allergy (RRP$899), DC54 Multi floor (RRP$799). Find the new Dyson Cinetic™ here

This is the big mama of vacuuming. It is like all my carpets have had a professional clean, it got in deep and made all the fibres stand up again like new. It has super suction that I have not experienced before. Normally I have to go back and forward a zillion times to get everything up and take the brush off to suck up the remaining ones that just don't want to play nice. With this it just comes straight up so cut my time in half.

With both of them emptying the drum is also very easy.

I am sold. Dyson won the battle of vacuuming.

Dyson and I would like to offer 2 readers the chance to trial one of the above. If you decide you love it and want to purchase one, you will get a 20% discount (WOW!). If not, just simply return to Dyson.

Please comment below with an answer to this question and which one you would like to trial Slim or Cinetic?

What problem do you want Dyson engineers to solve in your home?

Mine would be hanging out my washing...is that possible? and making sure socks did not lose their partners.

Good luck.

You have till Sunday 24th of November to enter.

Did you know?

•Dyson has 1,536 engineers and scientists working on a pipeline of technology that stretches out over twenty-five years. 
•Dyson invests £1.5 million a week on research and development and has doubled the number of engineers employed at its UK research and development laboratories in the past two years.  
•Dyson has expertise in fluid, mechanical, robotic, electrical, thermal, chemical, acoustic, motor, thermo dynamics, testing and software engineering, and is thought to be the only vacuum cleaner manufacturer with an in-house microbiology team. 


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh I see there is a question to ask for this trial. oops! I would love for Dyson Engineers to solve many problems in my house, I just wonder how they would actually go about most of them! There are a lot of spider webs in and outside the home, some of them way high up in the corners of our very high ceilings. Maybe a telescopic spider web sucker that can get up high and in the corners so I dont have to balance precariously on a ladder! Hmm, that would be good actually.
For my home and the limited battery life, I would love to trial the dyson cinetic model and preferably the one for pets as we have two cats who shed fur and allergens all over the house and cause my poor husband much allergy related distress.

Sophie Wright said...

If only Dyson could invent a device to help me find all the single socks that run away in the laundry!
I'd love to try the Slim. We only have a small house but there are 5 of us and a dog, so it gets grotty quickly. I'm sure the kids and husband would bursting to give the Slim a whirl too - bonus!!!!

Mary T said...

It would be great if they could invent a way to make an entire house dust mite free - is that asking too much?!? Or on a more practical scale make the Dyson Digital Slim as an allergy vacuum? On that thought I would love to trial the Allergy or the slim vacuum. Not sure which sounds better!

Lainie said...

Im hoping the slim line pro would be able to pick up all my sewing threads which seem to get stuck in my carpet all the time! That would be great.

Kate M said...

I wish Dyson would design a washing machine/dryer that also folds your clothes... or, at least can guarantee them to be wrinkle free!

Sam said...

I'd love it if they'd work out a better way to get clothes ironed - Ive even not bought specific clothes due to them needing to be ironed! the digital slim sounds right up my alley!

a pocketfullofposesphotography said...

I would LOVE Dyson to invent a gadget that would get my kids out the door before I need to start screaming at them, every morning!!! That's not too much to ask is it???

Would love to try out the Dyson Digital Slim - perfect to slip into a small cupboard too!

Anonymous said...

Nice vacuum!

www.robotvacuum.io said...

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